Youth Outreach Director

The Oceanside Theatre Company (OTC) is looking for a dynamic individual to plan, prepare, and present a Theatre Skills program in collaboration with the Oceanside Unified School District.   This is a part-time position.

The successful candidate will report to Carol Naegele, Youth Outreach Committee – OTC Board of Directors, and have the following responsibilities:

  • lead and organize an effective 9-week after-school program two days a week at an OUSD middle school. Program concludes with a student musical theatre production onstage at the Brooks Theatre on November 9 – 11..
  • recruit, hire, and train an assistant to help with preparation and implementation (9 weeks), as well as a musical director (44 hours) and a light/sound stage technician (44 hours).
  • establish collaboration and MOU with the Oceanside Unified School District for funding, transportation, and other components of the program. 
  • establish a positive working relationship with the participating middle school, the OTC Board of Directors, and OTC staff, keeping them informed of activities.
  • maintain and prepare program statistics, reports, and budget expenditures.


  • Training, education, and/or experience working with youth.
  • Training, education, and/or 3-5 years experience in theatre arts.
  • Exhibits creativity, motivation, and ability to build successful relationships with the OUSD, middle school administration and staff, OTC staff and board members, and parents of students.
  • Basic administrative skills, with excellent written and/ or oral communication skills are required.

Program dates:   Director 8/13 – 11/16;   Program 9/10 – 11/11

Salary:   $1,650   ($18 per hour x 91 hours) 

Please send your resume, along with cover letter to

Submittal deadline:  July 10, 2018

Full Job Description

The Youth Outreach program brings visual and performing arts education to our local schools. The OTC Youth Director must have:

  • experience/education in working with youth
  • experience/education in theatre skills
  • self-motivation
  • attention to detail while still seeing “the big picture”
  • ability to keep detailed records and budget reports
  • ability to supervise, lead, encourage, motivate, and foster a love of the theatre arts
  • ability to plan ahead and maintain a timeline
  • ability to keep the OTC Board of Directors informed and supportive by communicating clearly both verbally and in writing in a timely manner

A. Overall duties:

  1. Plan, prepare, and direct a Theatre Outreach Program in collaboration with the Oceanside Unified School District to provide interested middle school students with a free,  6-week after-school program, two days a week, to learn basic musical theatre skills. The program will conclude with a full musical theatre production on stage at the Brooks Theatre for family, friends, and the general public.
  2. review previous program documents; set goals and objectives for the current year
  3. plan a shared budget (district and OTC)
  4. schedule a tentative timeline for classes three days a week, one week of rehearsal onsite at the Brooks Theatre, and one weekend of performances.
  5. work with OTC staff to book dates for rehearsal and performance.
  6. present an overview to the OTC Board of Directors for program approval and tentative budget approval.  Final approval will be given after meeting with school district officials to determine shared budget.
  7. meet with school district officials to promote the program, plan the budget of shared expenses, determine which middle school will host the program, and establish a timeline.
  8. meet with the middle school administration to present the program and plan dates and times for implementation. Prepare a production calendar.
  9. interview, hire, and supervise a program assistant for 6 weeks to help with the preparation and implementation of the after-school program to ensure that two OTC staff are on-site after school.

interview, hire, and supervise a musical director/choreographer to work with the students for one week of rehearsal/ tech and four performances.

interview, hire, and supervise a tech to handle lights and sound for one week of rehearsal/ tech and four performances.

10. track program attendance; track and report program expenses; write 3 reports:

1) initial presentation to the board, 2) progress presentation and report for the Board after 4th week of the program, and 3) summary, recommendations, and final report and presentation to the Board within two weeks after end of program.

  1. coordinate and utilize the Volunteer Coordinator, Technical Director, Artistic Director and other appropriate OTC Board members, OTC staff, and OTC volunteers to plan, schedule, and provide assistance with:

– set build/paint or load-in
–  costumes, hair, makeup
–  finding props, furniture, and other show needs
–  tech week
– set strike and/or load-out
– collaborative OUSD and OTC publicity

B. After-school classes:

  1. plan and prepare established curriculum with updates and innovative new ideas for teaching basic theatre skills such as vocal projection and diction, script analysis, acting techniques, movement, memorization, singing and dancing, ensemble work, stage presence, and theatre vocabulary.
  2. arrange bus transportation with the school district to bring the students to the Brooks Theatre for 5 days of rehearsal on the stage.
  3. connect with the parents of the participating students to enlist help with the rehearsals and production and to ensure students have transportation home after rehearsal and performances.