Thank You OTC Donors

From left to right: Board President John McCoy, Artistic Director Ted Leib, and OTC Donor John Hyland
From left to right: Board President John McCoy, Artistic Director Ted Leib, and OTC Donor John Hyland

Thank you to our donors for helping Oceanside Theatre Company continue to strive towards its mission of producing professional theater, presenting educational opportunities and providing a venue for the expansion of artistic endeavors in San Diego’s North County.


Jeffrey Centrella



John Hyland
John & Michele McCoy



Clete Baker
Leann Garms
David Gulling
Rick Wright
Bridgette Young


Tim & Dianna Bolton
Adrianne Hakes
Ken and Linda Rees
Ed Parish and Anne Speraw



Alex and Becky Goodman
Evan Huckabay
Belinda LeDoux
Andrea and Marc M. Herman
Ann & Bruce Mortland
Jerry & Pat Rugg
John & Maria Sofranko
Cynthia Staley
Ann Sutherland
Ann Worth


Erik Bradbury
Bob Himlin
Ted Leib
Logan McEniry, Oceanside Ace Hardware
Dr. Terry O’Donnell
Vinay Reddy
Jay & Julie Sarno
Peggy Wallace
Craig Ward
Frank Yubeta & Rodney White


Margi Arguello
Daniel Bissler & Randy Echito
John bosher
Kathy Brombacher
Susan Chubbuck
Andra Davis
Daniel Dennedy
Mike Gellman
Gigi Gleason
John Harelson
Paul Kelly
Scott Logan
Roger & Sue Lynberg
Amber Newman
Jesse Russo
Doug Smith
Kelly Ward


Allison Acosta
Sandra Agan
Alison Aragon
Susan and James Boland
Margaret Boyt
Thomas Brackett
Amy Brandmeyer
Thomas & Linda Brault
Judith Clausen
Susan Clausen
Jaime Cole
Steve & Kathy Crouthamel
Paulina Duran
Sarah Goodman
Bonnie Hanlon
Deborah Harding
Diane Kutlow
Wendy Mattas
Linda Moran
Edith Moses
Jodi Richardson
Deborah Riner
Thomas Schants
Janet Terzian
Elizabeth Umbenhauer
Patricia Urquiza
Julie Ustin
Anthony & Cathy Venegoni
Rachel White
Suzanne Whitlock
Joyce Williamson
Mary Jennifer Wise

Donations listed reflected from January 2022 – July 2023. If you don’t see your name or would like to make a contribution, please contact Alex Goodman at or call 313-929-2539.

Please consider supporting the arts by making a tax deductible donation to OTC today!

Thank You OTC Sponsors