Abundant Color

by Sargent Art Group

May 31-July 28, 2024

Artist Open House Friday, June 7 – 5:30-8 PM

Color takes center stage as we celebrate “Abundant Color” as the Brooks Theater Gallery’s summer exhibition theme. This free event is open to everyone, from 9 months to 99 years, with light refreshments of fruit and goodies, a guest artist demonstrating their art technique on a current project, and a gallery filled with colorful art from azure to zinc oxide white.

Featured Artists

Doborah Casher (She/Her)
Blue Dharma, Lightness of the Blues

Deborah Casher’s artistic journey started as a child. This voyage, though long and arduous, has brought her to her destination and a sense of purpose. Primarily self-taught, she is drawn to and inspired by the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi, which emphasizes the beauty of imperfection and innately attempts to evoke a sense of tranquility and harmony in her work, while also mirroring the combustion of existence and its imperfections. She is fueled by the hunt for beauty and the hush for inner peace. She lives in Carlsbad, California with my husband, John, her pets Bella and Bogie. Zachary, her son, is one of her greatest joys and lives in Los Angeles and will soon relocate to Berkeley for a couple of years. She works a for tech company in Sorrento Valley in San Diego. Born and raised in New Haven, CT.

3. Springtime in Manhattan
Abbey Chamberlain (She/Her)
Dude Descending a Staircase, Springtime in Manhattan

Abbey Chamberlain has been a photographer all her life. After a 37-year career photographing families in the western states, she has changed her focus to creating fine art. Chamberlain’s approach to art is to bring her love of life to each project. Her passion for classic beauty and refined elements of composition and light are apparent in every image. Much of what she creates tells a story. An award winning photographer, she has also judged photographic competitions and given Photoshop Workshops, in addition to coaching professionals. Abbey is the Dean of ArtCamp4GrownUps.com, an Artists’ Retreat in the San Bernardino Mountains that is offered every September. Email: info@ abbeychamberlain.com Website: www.abbeychamberlain.com

4. Fall Colors
Annette Frimtzis (She/Her)
Fall Colors

Annette Frimtzis is a retired mechanical engineer, who has worked for more than thirty yeras developing and reviewing software for military applications. She worked for major aerospace companies and in 1984 formed her own software engineering company. She started painting when she was nine years old. Her design was selected for her high school yearbook cover. She graduated from the City College of New York (CCNY), took her first job in engineering and worked for the next two years until her first child was born. She has three other children: two optometrists, a dentist and a mechanical engineer (daughter) like her. She took a thirty year hiatus from painting while she was working and raising the children. Her husband, also an engineer, supported her in these endeavors. She is presently a member of SAG and Artist Alliance Group.

5. Dot, Line Color Story 1
Nasrin Kheiri (She/Her)
Golden City and Dot, Line Color Story 1

Nasrin Kheiri is a Persian artist, born in Tehran, with a lifelong fascination for the art of painting. While raising her children, she dedicated over 20 years to honing my skills as a professional painter, specializing in Realistic and Classic styles. Inspired by a profound dream about a beautiful crystal world she developed her unique style in oil painting, which she coined “Crystal View” in 1997. In subsequent years, she developed two additional styles: “Sepidar” (oil on paper using a palette knife) in 2004, and “Rainbow Eyes,” a style influenced by traditional Persian art in 2013. Her artistic journey led her to explore Mixed Media Art in 2015, and Abstract styles, starting in 2016. She has showcased her works in over 48 group exhibitions and 8 solo shows. Additionally, she has taught Drawing and Oil Painting since 1997.

6. Pears
Nancy-Jo Klaphaak (She/Her)
Vines, Pears, Everyday Happiness
1. Cruisn in Pink
BJ Lane (She/Her)
Cruisin’ in Pink, Camping Out in Full color

California based artist, B.J. Lane is an award-winning painter of historic landscapes,  contemporary themes featuring family, life, dance, classic cars, and city scenes. Over 50 years as an artist, her creative process includes a variety of medium including digital, watercolor, acrylic, oil and oil bars, and pastel. Lane’s unique, colorful work has been exhibited in hundreds of venues, including museums, galleries and the California Senate show. She often enjoys painting classic automobiles she finds at local car shows. Created with the help of Digital Media, this particular collection on display is especially unique. With the help of an iPad and a digital paintbrush, these tiny gems reveal their true secrets hiding in the spectrum of color.

7. Purple and Blue
Kathy Moridi (She/Her)
Purple and Blue, Orange and Red

Kathy Moridi is mostly interested in reflecting feeling and emotions in her work and making art as a personal inquiry. She believes each piece of art is a pathway for the artist and viewers to discover a new journey together. Although she studied computer science and practiced science and software engineering, painting ultimately became her overpowering passion. She discovered her interest in art at the age of 10 through the encouragement of her art teacher. This interest stayed with her throughout her life, but she got serious about it once she met her inspired art teacher, McNeil Sargent. She works with oil, acrylic, watercolor, and collage.

8. Cactus in Bloom
Diane O’Connell (She/Her)
Waterlily Reflections, Cactus in Bloom

The first time Diane O’Connell stood in front of an original Claude Monet wall size waterlily painting, was in an exhibit at San Diego Museum of Art. She was so moved that she was brought to tears. 20 years later when she started oil painting, her favorite subject was water lilies. She so enjoyed capturing the lotus flower and the reflections in the water. She always dreamed of visiting Monet’s garden in Giverny, France. In 2016 her dream came true when she went on an art trip and was privileged to paint in his garden and beside the pond in the same spots where he painted my favorite masterpieces. To this day she loves painting gardens and flowers. They bring her so much joy, and she hopes people viewing her paintings feel that joy as well.

9. Yo Amo
perrofromhell (He/Him)
Yo Amo

Perrofromhell’s earliest perception of art comes from his grandmother’s studio in Medellin, Colombia, where she inspired him with her artistry. There, he discovered that being an artist was not just a profession but a way of life. He is an artist of his life, finding beauty in everyday moments and expressing it through his work. HIs art reflects his journey, imbued with personal experiences and emotions. He strives to capture the essence of life’s fleeting moments, creating pieces that resonate with others and evoke a shared sense of humanity. His work aims to serve society, particularly the mental health community, using art as a bridge between darkness and the light.

10. Skagway Alaska
Carole Quinn-Nylander (She/Her)
Blue-Greens of Skagway, Alaska

For Carole Quinn-Nylander, creating art has been a passion all her life. After working many other jobs, she always return to art. Other careers (court reporting) taught her the importance of creating something of beauty or just intriguing. She is a National Ephemera Society member, enjoying art of long-ago. She shows and sells her paintings in all the Western US states and has a large cowboy artwork on display in a Canberra, Australia doctor’s office.

11. by Nassrin Samii
Nassrin Samii (She/Her)
Liz, Kelly

Nasrin Samii decided to start painting over 35 years ago. She went to purchase a painting and it was pretty expensive. She said to herself, “Ha!” I can do this myself!” (She totally forgot that she nearly failed a drawing class in 3rd grade when she was in Iran). Then she started to take classes including oil, watercolor, acrylic and resin, at SDSU, UCSD, Miramar College, City College, Poway Adult School, and Palomar College. After retiring as a civil engineer, for 6 years she took two oil painting classes with Continuing Education through Community Colleges with a wonderful instructor named Patrick Mason. She continues to take classes to expand her skills. After 35 years of painting, she appreciate art a lot more and has paid a pretty penny for a lot of paintings!

12. Blue Umbrella
Rita Shulak (She/Her)
Blue Umbrella, La Jolla Coastal Rocks, Power Wave, Coastal Laguna Beach

Rita Shulak’s favorite color is ‘white’, not because of lack of color but because it is all colors. She loves the refraction of white through a prism into all colors, an entire rainbow of colors. It is the tiny brushstrokes on the cap of a wave in a seascape that brings the painting to life, the reflection in an eye, or the negative space that saves a complex painting from being a texture.

Sharman Slye (She/Her)
Cali Gold, “Fall on me – with all Your Light”

Without skill or instruction all Sharman Slye’s efforts to draw and paint floundered until her friend volunteered to babysit while she attended a drawing class when she was 30. That was the beginning. In 2000, the Adobe Gallery in Vista hosted a one-artist show of her work and she sold her first paintings. She has been ‘practicing-up’ since then. Some pieces are frivolous and fun – others are deeply rooted in faith. She has written and illustrated two children’s books. You can view 32 of the offerings from he ‘playtimes with color’ at Sargentartgroup.org or on Instagram. @sharman5251 Enjoy the show! sharmanslye@gmail.com famrapturelegacy.com

13. Octopus
Krista Timberlake (She/Her)
Octopus, Mech Flamingo, Whitney

Krista Timberlake is a fine artist and graphic designer, originally from Western Massachusetts. After attending UVM for premed and Savannah College of Art and Design, she earned her B.F.A. in painting from UMASS, Amherst. Regarding her drawings, mixed media pieces and paintings, she is intrigued by line, light, texture and color, and is most interested in using watercolor as she loves that it is unpredictable. By day she’s the Entertainment Designer for The Upper Deck Company.

14. Here's My Story Listen
Rosemary Valente (She/Her)
Here’s My Story Listen, Moring to the Country, Written in the Wind

Rosemary Valente’s introduction to art began while living in Hawaii in the mid 70s. She enrolled in her first painting class at Bishop Museum then later at the Honolulu Academy of Art. Her mentors in San Diego were artists Ralph Costantino and McNeil Sargent. They painted and traveled to Paris to study with the “father of printmaking,” Stanley William Hayter and thereafter she became a printmaker at the Atelier in La Jolla. After two decades running an attire company that put art on clothing, she returned to her true love of Abstraction and splashing and smearing thick paint onto the canvas.