Rolling Heartbreakers Band Presents Classic Albums

Returning off last year’s exciting sellout salute to Tom Petty at the OTC, the Rolling Heartbreakers will be performing two classic iconic albums from both the Rolling Stones and Tom Petty in their entirety. The show will feature the Stones’ Let It Bleed (1969) and Tom Petty’s Full Moon Fever (1989), along with other selections from each band. As with last year’s show, this performance will be accompanied by a full background visual presentation to enhance the experience. A high energy Tom Petty & Rolling Stones combination tribute that has gained a strong following, performing all around southern California since 2015, the Rolling Heartbreakers are: Galen Cram- Guitar, Vocals; Jim Malkiewicz- Bass Guitar, Vocals; Vince Lupo- Drums, Vocals; Randy McClintick- Keyboards; Rob Hanzlik- Lead Guitar, Vocals; Peter Arcidiacono- Sax, Percussion

August 25, 2024 @ 7:00 pm

Main Stage

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