The Bus Ride; Home

September 17, 2022

6:00 pm

The Bus Ride; Home: The Buses Are Here, Our Heroes Ain’t on Em is a fundraiser featuring various artists and performers discussing the significance of the buses as an analogy within the Afrikan, Afrikan-descent, and Black communities and the timeline of gains in those communities through historical, societal, and civil rights. The Bus Ride; Home will also pay homage to the original Freedom Riders and other movements that contributed to the positive impact on Afrikan, Afrikan-descent, and Black communities. 

The Bus Ride; Home, presented by Sown in Truth Orations, is a long journey. Food for the soul will be Justin Marubany of Urbn Market Fusion and Kiana Sanchez of Cultura Coffee. Recreating American classics with a modern Asian Twist and Native Mexican drinks to warm the heart. 

The Bus Ride; Home will have art and live performances with host Butterfly Luv Hugz, producers and directors Asett Au’co and Sarah Burke, assistant production director r3sh setekh of the non-profit Free Thought Revolution, and soundtrack designer Arthur Gratas. The lead art design is by Quantal Langford of Langford Design, an Oceanside-based graphic designer and content creator. 

All proceeds will go towards the opening of the Creative Sols Ark, a community and cultural center in Oceanside, California with a mission of offering a safe space for systemically underprivileged individuals to gain positive opportunities in education, activism, and community building.


$5 Da’ Youth

$10 Front O’ Da Bus

$20 Middle O’ Da Bus

$30 Back O’ Da Bus