Nerd Comedy New Year’s Eve

December 31 at 7 pm

Clever comedy and a nerdy audience make this alcohol-free New Year’s Eve one-of-a-kind. Come support comedy that got beat up in high school but ended up getting a great job. Humor + Intelligence = Fun Night Out. Scientist-turned-comedian Tim Lee hosts the show with several top nerd comics in the state. The show concludes with the Nerd Olympics, a game show where audience members compete to answer nerdy questions. Lee, who got his PhD before realizing where his true talents lie, blends science talk (complete with PowerPoint presentations) with comedy. The hilarious result is like what would happen if you crossed your high school chem teacher with George Carlin. Tim is a regular commentator on Weather Channel’s Weird Earth.

Excerpt from New York Times Article, “Did You Hear the One About the Scientist?”

The former biologist was Tim Lee. After completing his undergraduate biology degree at the University of California, San Diego, he worked at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography for a while before he realized he needed a doctorate to do the interesting work. But by the time he finished his Ph.D. at the University of California, Davis, he had realized he hated academia.

“I just didn’t want to read any more papers,” Dr. Lee said. “I didn’t want to write any more papers.”

Dr. Lee then worked as a computer programmer, and he moved to San Francisco. During a vacation, he read memoirs of comedians like Bill Cosby, Bob Newhart and Jerry Seinfeld, and he wrote some jokes….

“My act is a parody of a seminar,” he said. “I think my audience is everyone from age 14 who is kind of nerdy to age 65 who is kind of nerdy.”

He joked about linear regression (a rumination about what kind of people post cat videos on YouTube), period doubling in chaos (which he likens to the splitting of behaviors of people as they become more and more drunk) and the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.

He explained this fundamental concept of quantum physics – that the more precisely the position of a particle is measured, the less is known about the particle’s momentum, and vice versa – with a photograph of a men’s room with television screens above the urinals. The designer “clearly didn’t understand the uncertainty principle,” Dr. Lee said.

“The problem is the more I know what’s on TV,” he went on, “the less I know about where I’m aiming.”

About Andy Hendrickson

Andy Hendrickson is a comedian, writer and actor that built his career in New York City. He now resides in Los Angeles. He has a clever, conversational style that has been engaging audiences for over 20 years. His material is based on real life experiences and his anecdotes are laced with a hearty disapproval. Andy has a matter-of-fact sense of humor and specializes in highlighting life’s silly details. One reviewer said it best, “He’s the exasperated guy next door.”

He’s had multiple TV appearances including: The Late Show with David Letterman, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Gotham Comedy Live, NBC/Seeso’s The Guest List and he has a clean comedy special from Dry Bar available on YouTube. Internationally, Andy has performed at clubs and festivals throughout the world, including Canada, England, Holland and Ireland. He also performed for our troops on Outback’s Feeding Freedom Tour that provided entertainment for the troops on military bases across Afghanistan. His comedy CD “Underachiever” recently released to rave reviews and debuted in the iTunes Top 10.

Audience reviews for Nerd Comedy Night

“Really funny! Great show.” – Veronica Wynne Goff

“Show was great and that other guy was hilarious as well!” – Heather Chase

$35 General Admission Tickets

$55 VIP Tickets