Tales of O’side

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Tales of O’side is an opportunity for those who have been traditionally underrepresented in mainstage performances, such as lgbtq+ folks, people of color, and those who experience mental health struggles, to share their own work and perspectives. Our goal is to build a literary and theater arts community fostering interactions between artists and audiences to discuss their works. 

Submission Guidelines

All submissions should be attached to form as a .pdf. Preference will be given to new pieces.

*Theater pieces should be within 15-20 pages double-spaced – approximately 20-25 min of read time.
*Poetry pieces should be approximately 500 words.
*Short stories should be approximately 5-6 pages double-spaced or 2,000 words.

Now Accepting Submissions

March 26, 2023 

Learning to Fly

Considering the theme of where we came from and where we are going, we look at works that touch on the societal expectations of our youth, our struggles to overcome challenges and find ourselves, and the process of becoming who we are.

Submission Deadline Extended: March 1
Artist Announcement: March 7

Future Programs

June 18, 2023


From environments where we don’t fit in, to the ways in which we code switch and mask ourselves, to the families we find or create, we ruminate on what it means to belong…or not. 

Submission Deadline: April 17
Artist Announcement: May 12

October 1, 2023

Skeletons in the Closet

What are the secrets you are keeping from the world locked up inside? We examine our struggles with mental health and our attitudes towards asking for help.

Submission Deadline: August 4
Artist Announcement: September 1

November 26, 2023


Open the door to your family gatherings, your personal celebrations and ceremonies, the traditions that have been handed to you, and the traditions you have created.

Submission Deadline: October 6
Artist Announcement: October 27