Arts Unite

OTC celebrates our community’s cultural traditions through performances, festivals, and community programming. These events strengthen community bonds, provide economic benefits, and foster cultural heritage. Featuring events such as MadStrange, Tierra Caliente, the 2nd Annual Southern California Asian and Pacific Islander Festival, a Celebration of Black History Month, and our new series, “Community Conversations”. OTC embraces the transformative power of the arts and actively seeks underrepresented voices to create an inclusive, vibrant space for diverse perspectives. Through these initiatives, we bridge divides, foster unity, and celebrate our community’s rich cultural tapestry.

Upcoming Arts Unite Events
Shadab and Jason
Cultural Pioneers

Collaborating with the Oceanside Historical Society, OTC highlights the historical contributions of BIPOC entrepreneurs in Oceanside, bridging the past and present.

Feb 17 & 18 – Black Pioneers
May 19 – The Other Oside, a multidisciplinary performance incorporating film, dance and poetry exploring the intersectionality of cultural identity in Oceanside. Hosted by Daja Marks. In honor of AAPI Heritage Month.
June 8 – Pride Pioneers
Sep 21 – Hispanic Heritage
Lived Experience Series

Curated and hosted by Jimmy Figueroa, local figures with diverse backgrounds share personal stories, promoting empathy and understanding.

February 4 – Culture of Lowriding
April 14 – Coming Home: Jimmy Figueroa hosts a panel discussion with inspirational stories of formerly incarcerated men and women’s transformational experiences.
July 14
November 24
Artist Talkback Series

Local artists from various disciplines engage with the community, fostering dialogue and the transformative power of the arts.

Mar 17 Chicken & Biscuits Artist Talkback
May 12 Next To Normal Artist Talkback
Oct 6 Stranger Sings Artist Talkback
Dec 15 Manny & The Wise Queens Artist Talkback

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