Improv at the Brooks

North County’s home for improv, Improv at the Brooks offers drop-in classes, multi-week courses, single-day workshops, and monthly improv shows. Designed for a variety of levels, the classes help students unleash their inner creativity in a fun, supportive environment with the opportunity to engage with experts and other learners. Classes meet in Studio 219 next to the main theater.

2024 Comedy Shows

2024 Improv Shows
Mar. 9 – Indiana Slack, Apr. 13 – Finest City Improv’s Beast Village, May 11, June 15, Aug. 10, Sep. 14, Oct. 12, Nov. 23, Dec. 14
More Comedy Shows
Feb. 14, 7 pm – Cupid’s Comedy Spectacular with Chris Martin & Tim Lee
March 29, 8 pm – Dr. Ken’s Seriously Funny Comedy Hypnosis Show
Dec. 31 – NYE Show Hosted by Tim Lee

Improv Shows

An Evening of Improv with Indiana Slack and NCIS

Saturday, March 9, 7:30 PM
Studio 219
Tickets: $10-15

Improv at the Brooks presents a fun night of improvised comedy featuring San Diego based Indiana Slack performing a form known as the Slacker originally created by legendary Los Angeles improv team Beer, Shark Mice.  Also performing will be Oceanside Theatre Company’s new short form ensemble NCIS: North County Improv Squad.  EVERYTHING is completely made up on the spot based on YOUR suggestions.

An Evening of Improv Comedy featuring Finest City Improv's Beast Village

Saturday, April 13, 7:30 PM
Studio 219
Tickets: $10-15

A fun evening of improvised comedy with a very special guest appearance by Finest City Improv’s tight-knit, fast-paced house team, Beast Village.  For over a decade Finest City Improv has been a staple of improv comedy in San Diego.  Improv at the Brooks is excited to have one of their truly fun house teams make the trip north to perform on our stage. Also performing will be Improv at the Brooks’ new house ensemble NCIS: North County Improv Squad including Kate Allen Fox, Matt Krimmer, Jason Russo, Amanda Olson Schmidt, Jeffrey Lester, Cameron Gharabilkou, Michael Kaplan, and Will Zegers.


Monthly Drop-in Classes

A Taste of Improv: Drop-In Classes

First Tuesdays*, 7:00 PM
Free First Time
$10 Regular Price

Join in on the fun with our drop-in improv class taught by Chicago-trained improv teacher, Chris Shurland! Develop your creativity and spontaneity through playful exercises and games. Classes will take place in Studio 219 of the Brooks Theater. The first class is free, and subsequent classes are only $10. Reserve your spot or drop-in for your laughter-filled experience.

Save the Dates: Feb. 6, March 5, April 2, May 7, June 4, July 2, Aug. 6, Sept. 3, Oct. 1, Nov. 12, Dec. 3

Mixed Nuts Improv Workshop and Jam

Third Tuesday of Month, 7-9 pm
Beginning March 19

Mixed Nuts is an improv jam where, very similar to an open mic, improvisers of ALL levels can come together, randomly be placed on teams, and perform for each other in an extremely supportive environment. We will start off with some short-form improv games and move on to put everybody on one-night-only long form teams. Join us to do some play, connect with other improvisers, and have FUN!

Save the Dates: April 16, May 21, June 18, July 23, August 20, September 24, October 22, November 19, December 17

Long-Term Classes

Improv Comedy Class for Teens!

4-Week Class
Next Session Beginning in April

Teens can now connect and unleash their inner creativity on a fun journey of laughter, spontaneity, and endless possibilities, as they learn Improv Comedy in an extremely supportive environment. Students will learn the fundamentals of improv through a series of engaging exercises, games, and scene work as each week builds on what was learned the previous week. It is a great opportunity to make friends, while having fun and learn invaluable communication skills and teamwork.

Level 1: Improv Fundamentals

Saturdays, 10 am - Noon
7 Week Class, March 16 - April 27
Next Session: May 6-June 24 (No class Memorial Day 5/27); Mondays 7-9 pm
$175 OTC Student
$195 Regular Price

Ready to let go, connect, and unleash your creativity? Join us for a fun journey of laughter, spontaneity and endless possibilities as we explore the fundamentals of improv in a supportive environment. Students will learn the fundamentals of improv through a series of engaging exercises, games, and scene work as each week builds on what was learned the previous week. We will focus on building trust, sharpening listening skills, gaining confidence to think creatively in the moment, the concept of Yes And…, and so much more. Not only will you have a ton of fun, you will build self-confidence, soft business skills, and meet new people! Taught by Chris Shurland

Level 2: Character Development and Scene Work

Saturdays, 10 am - 12 pm
7 Week Class
Next Session: May 11-June 29, (No class Memorial Weekend 5/27)
$175 OTC Student
$195 Regular Price

Build upon the foundations established in Level 1 and delve deeper into the art of improvisation as we learn how to build fun and engaging scenes. You will learn to create and embody memorable characters with an emphasis on the importance of building strong relationships within scenes. You will also learn how to make strong choices to heighten scenes. The final week of the 8-week class will be a show for friends and family. Taught by Chris Shurland
Prerequisite: Level 1 – Improv Fundamentals or the Equivalent

Level 3: Dive Deeper Into Improv

Mondays, 7-9 pm
7 Week Class, March 18 - April 29
$175 OTC Student
$195 Regular Price

Continue your improv journey by learning advanced tools and techniques to captivate both yourself and audiences with the worlds you craft onstage. From exploring diverse improv forms to developing skills needed for seamless teamwork, this class will elevate your improv to new heights. Dive deeper into the art of improvisation and create genuine moments of connection and laughter. Students will perform in a class show upon completion of the course. Taught by Chris Shurland.
Prerequisite: Must have completed at least 2 levels of an improv program at any theater.

Meet the Instructors

Instructor: Chris Shurland
Chris Shurland is a Chicago-trained improv teacher and performer currently based in Oceanside. He had the good fortune to be trained by some of the nation’s best improv teachers when he completed the training programs at Second City, iO, and Annoyance Theatres as well as numerous workshops and classes across the U.S. and Canada in improv, clowning, and physical comedy.

He has since gone on to perform with several independent and house teams in Chicago, the Bay Area, and Southern California. He also teaches beginning-advanced improv classes and workshops nationally and internationally. Chris can currently be found teaching and performing at theaters and festivals with Irreverent Improv, Chicago-based duo Legends of Public Access, Bay Area-based duo A Couple of Tools, as well as with Finest City Improv’s house team Banker’s Kill and San Diego independent team Indiana Slack.

Instructor: Matt Krimmer
Now retired from a career with The Walt Disney Company in their Business and Legal Affairs Department, Matt Krimmer graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in English Literature & Radio, Television, and Film Studies and the University of California Law School, San Francisco with a degree in Entertainment Law. He has studied improv at Second City in Chicago, The Groundlings in Los Angeles, and Finest City Improv in San Diego. In addition to singing and playing guitar at open mic nights, restaurants and bars, Krimmer is passionate about improv and acting. He comes from a family of television actors.


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