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Little Mermaid Program Ads

Support OTC’s Youth Outreach Programs by purchasing a business or personal ad in the Little Mermaid program. Ads range from full-page back page or inside cover ads for $250 to a personal ad or shout out to your favorite cast member for $20. Click the link below to purchase or learn more.

Little Mermaid Sponsorships

Choose one of the Sponsorships below and your donation will go directly to sponsoring Oceanside Theatre Company’s Little Mermaid! An acknowledgement of your Sponsorship will be listed in the program. Reach out to Marketing Manager Meg Pierce at to learn more about Individual and Business Sponsorship benefits.
General Little Mermaid Donation
General Little Mermaid Donation
$1 – $100

Your donation will go directly to sponsoring Oceanside Theatre Company’s Little Mermaid! Your donation will go towards sourcing and creating this wonderful show.

Dinglehopper Sponsor

Your sponsorship will help support our props team in sourcing and creating the “human stuff necessary for telling this story.

Daughters of Triton
Daughters of Triton Sponsor

We are excited to have some beautiful Mermaid costumes, and your donation will go toward making them look their best!

The World Above
The World Above Sponsor

Your donation directly supports Oceanside Theater Company to cover the expense of the dry ice for fog and lighting design supplies.

Fathoms Below
Fathoms Below Sponsor

Your sponsorship directly supports Oceanside Theatre Company’s creation and/or rental of Prince Eric’s ship! Thank you for your support!

Les Poisson
Les Poissons Sponsor

Your sponsorship will go directly to creating and sourcing the props and set dressing for this show.

Part of Your World
Part of Your World Sponsor

Your sponsorship helps us create, rent, and paint the undersea settings, and coral which features one of the most famous songs in the show!

Ariel's Grotto
Ariel’s Grotto Sponsor

Your donation will be used to supply the set dressing and props for this extravagant production.

 Positoovity Sponsor

Your sponsorship goes directly towards helping us create, rent, and alter the beautiful seagull costumes in this production.

Poor Unfortunate Souls
Poor Unfortunate Souls Sponsor

Your sponsorship will go toward purchasing the wigs, makeup, and accessory materials necessary to create and complete the looks of the characters.

Sebastian's Concert
Sebastian’s Concert Sponsor – Sound Engineer

Your sponsorship will help us hire a sound designer to make our cast sound as good as possible.

Under the Sea
Under the Sea Costume Sponsor

Your donation will be used to purchase the supplies to create and rent our fabulous
Under the Sea costumes.