Robert Parker: From Inspiration To Improvisation

Recorded LIVE on Saturday, July 18 @ 7:00pm

On Saturday, July 18th at 7:00pm, OTC and Scripps Ranch Theatre presented Robert Parker in a live show exclusively for our Donors and Sponsors.

“Robert Parker: From Inspiration To Improvisation” 
Robert shows how he takes inspiration from sounds and rhythms in the world around to create fascinating and entertaining piano improvisations.  He performs a palate of improvisation, classical, jazz, country, standards, and pop bringing audiences on a musical journey with his piano.

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About Robert

Robert Parker is an award-winning pianist and graduate of the Drake University Instrumental Music Dept., Robert Parker has been performing professionally for 4 decades on records as well as in concert, including as an entertainer at Oceanside Theatre Company.
His work reflects a fondness for memorable melodies, dynamics, chord textures and driving rhythms derived from classical and jazz experiences from within the string section of orchestras (St. Bass, Violin), Big Bands (St. Bass, Piano), Country (piano), and Concert bands (Bass Horn, St. Bass).

Known for a solid left hand and classically fueled cadenzas or a gentle touch when coaxing the heart into ballads, his style is dynamic and memorable. Having performed, produced and scored (strings, horns, vocals) countless recordings in the field of Country Music, the Iowa native is also known for his ground breaking weekly appearances in the early 80’s on the Country Variety TV show, Ozark Opry.